Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mr Stoneking

We are seeing C.W Stoneking play tomorrow night. I am peeing my pants because I am looking forward to it so much. As a bonus we only have to drive to a town 50 minutes away to see him. What next? Great live music in our own town?

If looks deceive you easily then close your eyes to listen.


Kitty said...

we're going to see him on the 29th in melbourne.

outi said...

such a nice blog you have! colours and fotos and ideas.
i was so happy about your visit, i posted something for you;)
wish you a beautiful day and a good gig!

outi said...

..yes, it was mixed with rhubarb and flower of elder(i´m not sure of it´s english name..)sweet and delicious;)

ps. this mr Stoneking has a very nice voice..