Monday, April 28, 2008


I am officially activating the hold music on my blog. We are still awaiting internet at the new house, but it should be in full swing Friday week. Between now and then I plan to:
  • Demolish the box city in our house, and in doing so purge even more of my things to the op-shop.
  • Apply for at least one new job.
  • Learn more German before our Styrian house-pal goes home.
  • Finish some crafty bits.
  • Re-read Lord of the Flies.
  • Get a hold of the new Portishead album.
  • And walk, walk, walk everywhere.

Hold me to it. See you soon.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

to be written on a postcard

To be scanned and printed as a postcard.
To send to an extraordinary friend.
To remind her that after two years living in El Salvador she must come home.
(Selfishly because we miss her).

Reminds me of furslide's postcard. Love their music, wish they would release more.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

a post

We have an effluent-gas outlet pole in our new backyard. A nice looking pole for something that essentially releases poo smells into the sky. Eb thought it looked well with the claret-ash?

I apologise for the lack of posting, but moving house does turn things on their head. You will hear more from me soon. I hope you are having a nice week.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

grown-up walls

It will be nice to evolve out of my walls when we move. Sounds silly but my bedroom here has been such since I was still at uni, a teenager even, and it just got frozen as a 'stick this to the wall' kind of place. Looking forward to adorning in a more adult way. It will be strange to make it our bedroom, as here it seems mine, when living in Sydney it seemed eb's, and in London it was other people's.

The ripped-out-of-a-magazine photograph in the top pic is by Serge Leblon, I admire it greatly.

thinking in the box

The wine and craft books are boxed, packing must be getting serious.

Softies for Mirabel (Mark 2)

The fabulous Meet Me at Mikes has announced the next wave of the Mirabel Softie Appeal. There is oodles of time, so if you fancy an excuse to try your hand at making a softie, then take a look.
The above little guy is the softie I made for the appeal last year. He was the first softie I had ever finished, and although he is imperfect I hope someone is enjoying him now. I am not letting myself make anything until we move, but I am looking forward to start sketching ideas for softies this year. (Plural because I plan on making more than one!?!)

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

From Jenolan Caves a couple of years ago.

My packing is not really proceeding full steam ahead. I have issues with packing. I better get into gear.

Have recently been reminded of Maria Vittoria Benatti's unique and girlie work. It graces the cover of the new Curvy publication.
Would love to have some of these big-bottomed cuties crawling around the walls.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

this is my jewellery box

My 'this is' is a little fabricated this week. I do have some jewellery boxes, but my collection has evolved, (or devolved) into living on shelves, being hung on the wall, etc. (Yes this causes finding it all to be problematic). So I have photographed the jewellery box that was most recently in use, a colourful and cute music box that I have had since I was a little girl. I also thought this was a nice excuse to show off my favourite and most-worn jewellery.
  • Knitwit bangle by Liana Kabel
  • fabric brooch by In My Backyard
  • vintage formica ring set by Katy Hackney
  • 'I wish I was a real girl' necklace by Geneine Honey, a recent gift from gorgeous a. (She saw it in Melbourne and thought of me, too sweet).
  • red coral beads, a going away present from my old workmates.
  • silver bangle; another beautiful friend a, has a matching one. She bought them at a market whilst living in Mexico, and had them inscribed with 'amigas para siempre'. too special.
  • earrings also from Mexico and a present from a.
  • Akina fabric covered pins, a gift from eb's mum.
  • vegemite bobby-pin.
  • Vintage Flower Pin by Grainne Morton.
  • bamboo ring, homemade by m's father.
wow. this has made me realise how many of my favourites have actually been special gifts. lucky girl.

the host of 'this is', thank you.

Monday, April 7, 2008

ab's bag

I managed to get Ab's birthday present finished, but will have to give a belated house-warming present as I am slow! Since showing it as a w.i.p I lined the bag with an op-shopped yellow table cloth, and gave it a pocket and removable pin that matched the japanese forest fabric of the outside strips. I think she liked it. I have no brown paper wrapping left so had to wrap it as above, but I thought it worked well with the card.

bon weekend

I have had a lovely weekend of dining-out, a party and party shoes, fun people, camping in the new empty house, home-made baguettes in a hedged garden, reading and wine, (always with the wine). And... although we were 'working' for some of it, eb and i were able to spend the whole weekend together, and that is special seeing as I rarely see him during vintage. (Thank you grapes!)

Apologies for no posting, I will catch up with 'this is' soon.

Unrelated but loving these songs always: 1 and 2.

Friday, April 4, 2008

post-box bonanza

A happy little post-box this afternoon, (and a happy little me).
The new issue of Dumbo Feather, pass it on arrived. Always inspiring and beautiful. Whilst flicking through it just now I noticed a page about the concept of pay it forward in the world.

A thank you card from G, Eb's little sister. (She is only 3 so her mother had to be her scribe). I like that she asks him to come and play with her train set soon, too cute.

My goodies from Lertsis! The 'no mercy' postcard that I have wanted forever, and special key-ring. It was packaged so preciously, I love her tiny writing, the inside of the envelope was illustrated and the Thai stamp is adorable. Thank you.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


We are moving into town so I thought I would take some before shots of the cute little rental we will be occupying, and then perhaps show it becoming our nest. Love that there is a claw foot bath, pull cord lights and... a picture-rail, yipee.

out the window this morning

An advantage of living in the country is the changing weather seeming so dramatic. It thrills me.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Trying to post everyday, so excuse the mundane. Got given some deliciously stinky cheese today and liked the rind patterns.

Really stimulated by Famapa's and Esti's blogs.

Oh, and I saw one of the current 'biggest loser' contestants in town today. (oh dear did I just admit I know who they are?)