Saturday, January 30, 2010

gifts that have been gifted pt. 4

A growing obsession with wood people led me to a search on etsy for some custom-made mascots as part of a Christmas present for some family farmers. Liz (aka Blessed Lessons) made the top dolls for me, from just a few photographs and descriptions. They look even better in real life and were perfect. The other pictures are also examples of customs she has produced. V. cool!
[Thanks Liz for the photos].


billy boy & mia said...

love these wooden dolls, great to get some custom made!

I have nominated you for the lemonade Stand award . .

Have a great week!

please sir said...

These are great - and what a nice gift!

gracia said...

Wooden people, wooden goats... oh! these are swell.

flossy-p said...

I made some of these of us for our wedding cake. Now they live on our shelf, and I love them!

Maybe wooddoll us, and wooddoll you will meet one day... bump into each other in the wooddoll supermarket of something :)