Tuesday, April 8, 2008

this is my jewellery box

My 'this is' is a little fabricated this week. I do have some jewellery boxes, but my collection has evolved, (or devolved) into living on shelves, being hung on the wall, etc. (Yes this causes finding it all to be problematic). So I have photographed the jewellery box that was most recently in use, a colourful and cute music box that I have had since I was a little girl. I also thought this was a nice excuse to show off my favourite and most-worn jewellery.
  • Knitwit bangle by Liana Kabel
  • fabric brooch by In My Backyard
  • vintage formica ring set by Katy Hackney
  • 'I wish I was a real girl' necklace by Geneine Honey, a recent gift from gorgeous a. (She saw it in Melbourne and thought of me, too sweet).
  • red coral beads, a going away present from my old workmates.
  • silver bangle; another beautiful friend a, has a matching one. She bought them at a market whilst living in Mexico, and had them inscribed with 'amigas para siempre'. too special.
  • earrings also from Mexico and a present from a.
  • Akina fabric covered pins, a gift from eb's mum.
  • vegemite bobby-pin.
  • Vintage Flower Pin by Grainne Morton.
  • bamboo ring, homemade by m's father.
wow. this has made me realise how many of my favourites have actually been special gifts. lucky girl.

the host of 'this is', thank you.


Krissy said...

Love the "wish i was a real girl" necklace!!
I need a new jewelry box- I'm thinking one of those trees with branches to hang the items from.

Oh and Stella is a Portuguese Water Dog, thanks for asking ;) She's lovely.

suzy. said...

oh how fun! do you actually wear all those pieces? i find i collect jewelry and never wear the pieces i find.y

.girl ferment. said...

Krissy: I think the tree idea is a good one, as getting everything to fit in a box is tricky.

Suzy: Yes I do wear all of those. (not together). I do have a bundle of other jewellery that I no longer wear though. I think I might start sending a heap to the op-shop.


Danielle said...

Your vegemite bobby pin is gorgeous. Perfect for breakfast anywhere :)

Elsita :) said...

Everything is sooo cute!

lertsis said...

they all looks interesting!

i love the kind of vintage touch!


AnastasiaC said...

i had a similar one as a little girl - how I loved it so!!
'i was i was a real girl' necklace is just beautiful - i want one too!