Thursday, April 10, 2008

Softies for Mirabel (Mark 2)

The fabulous Meet Me at Mikes has announced the next wave of the Mirabel Softie Appeal. There is oodles of time, so if you fancy an excuse to try your hand at making a softie, then take a look.
The above little guy is the softie I made for the appeal last year. He was the first softie I had ever finished, and although he is imperfect I hope someone is enjoying him now. I am not letting myself make anything until we move, but I am looking forward to start sketching ideas for softies this year. (Plural because I plan on making more than one!?!)


Krissy said...

That is such an amazing thing! Over 150 toys donated... Thanks for sharing that.

suzy. said...

great softie! they are such fun to make. i am totally going to check out the mirabel thing. thanks.