Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Bris Loot

I was very lucky to be a winner of the BrisStyle giveaway. Above are my favourites goodies from the huge pack.
  • Mini Painting by Hey Harriet.
  • Billy the Little Jelly by Jellygnite. The lovely Ali has given me permission to donate him to Mirabel, he is just so adorable that I couldn't keep him to myself.
  • Hairband and clip by EmBelIsh. I think I will use the one on the right as a giant paperclip, it rocks.
You can check-out the rest of my haul here. (I won pack #1).
I must say everything was impressively well made, so watch out for those Bris-kids, they are set to take over the handmade world.

Thank you!


CurlyPops said...

Wowee that was a fab giveaway to win. I love the giant paperclip too.

outi said...

jee, congratulations! cute stuff:)

EmBelISH said...

Hi, so glad you loved all your Brisstyle goodies, especially your EmBelISH bits and pieces ;)
Bel xx (EmBelISH)

Hey Harriet said...

Hi there,

We're all so glad that you enjoyed your parcel of goodies from BrisStyle (& it makes me extra happy that you like your mini painting ;). So sweet of you to donate Ali's Little Jelly to Mirabel! Thanks so much for the BrisStyle mention on your blog. We really appreciate it!

Cheers Tracy :)

Ali said...

So glad you liked your BrisStyle goodies :)
Hey Harriet's painting looks so good up on your wall, near the 'music'! And thank you for your generosity in passing little Billy on - I'm sure he'll enjoy his stay at your house though! ;)

rubyredstudios said...

Congratulations on your Christmas haul and for tkaing the heartwarming path and donating your sweet little Jelly to Mirabel!

Merry Christmas.

x Helen