Saturday, January 3, 2009

five everyday loves

1. eb (sappy)
space and fresh air
washing-up music ( really music to do anything by)
4. doing something creative, whether it be with my hands or my head
5. tea. nothing like that first sip of tea

Ashley from strawberry kisses tagged me to show five of my everyday loves. I tag ritva, gretchenmist, scout, krissy and lili scratchy to show five of theirs if they would like to.


ashley said...

i love your loves! {not eb necessarily but sappy is good!}
happy new year sweetie, am about to click onto your save handmade thingy:)
x ashley

Ritva said...

thanks! i will
yours look so cosy :)

outi said...

sweet 5 things you got. and hay, did i see an Iittala mug next to the tea pot...

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

did play. bit sappy too, but unavoida ble i think!

Krissy said...

aw. squish :)
I will totally do this tomorrow...

Hila said...

aww, eb looks like a nice guy :)

Anonymous said...