Sunday, January 4, 2009

upholstery samples

Upholstery samples. I ♥ upholstery samples and am so lucky that a lovely lady thought of me when her mother was condensing her stash. On arrival home from Christmas I was greeted with four boxes of upholstery samples! Yes, I nearly fainted.

Being realistic, I am never going to be able to use them all. I have been offering an armful to everyone that walks through my front door, and before I send the excess to the op-shop I thought I would offer them to you.

I have excitedly sorted through and put together a collection for myself. There is still an abundance remaining, especially florals as I am not really a flower kind of girl. I will send a package out to anyone in Australia who will put them to good use, please spread the word if you know others who would too. (If you are o/s and upholstery samples make you giddy please email me and we can work something out to cover postage costs).

If you are interested all you have to do is leave a comment with some ideas about great online clothing stores or etsy clothing sellers in Australia. I have christmas money to spend on updating my wardrobe but unfortunately yet to find anything I like!

I hope you all have a nice week, if you are like me and going back to work tomorrow remember to drink lots of tea to aid the adjustment.


david santos said...

Good idea!

ashley said...

oh goody~ am very much a floral type of person!

some of my favourites for clothes you may already know:
always fun to shop on
they have big sale on very overpriced clothes...but the designs are loverly...
sometimes a few good finds

on etsy me likey:
pamela tang:

hope work this week is okay~ tea always saves the day!
x ashley

Juddie said...


lucky you! (and lucky us, for your generosity!)....

Not sure if you like retro-style clothing, but I like Tiger Rag clothes. They're based in Brisbane I think.

ashley said...

oh goody gumdrops!
will email you soon...and how lovely is mr.jones' wrapping~ that would make anyones big day:)

Esti said...

If I only lived closer...

gretchenmist/belkemp said...

hey i had exactly the same issue re finding clothes! i think i do every year.
i bought 2 of these dresses, one red {actually my sister bought me this one for xmas} and one black. 2 of the same dress due to lack of inspiration elsewhere! they are great - the cut is v flattering!

sewfunky said...

May I suggest you make your own skirts from the pattern in the book 49 sensational skirts... See my blog! FANTASTICALLY EASY but great results!!!

edward and lilly said...

I'll put my hand up for some florals if you have any left.

As for online clothing shops, do you know Dogstar?