Thursday, February 12, 2009

when all else fails knit

Weekdays are making me sad at the moment, knitting squares a small comfort.

Trivial to complain when other's lives have really been shaken or even lost. I was listening to some audio clips on the smh website this morning. Serious stuff. One man and his neighbours had survived a blaze but due to the amount of destruction and rubble they couldn't get to help, and help couldn't get to them. Imagine surviving what you think is the worst, and then realising that actually the waiting might get you?

The Kaotic Kraft Kuties Bushfire fundraiser is a raffle to win loot by some great artists. Check it out and buy a ticket.


Krissy said...

sending big hugs your way!

Ritva said...

yes, big hugs!

ashley said...

conquer~ the square looks very lovely too:)
i am popping over to work out how to buy a ticket~ thanks for the link sweetie,

edward and lilly said...

The stories of survival are so incredible. I'm using the upholstery samples you sent me to sew some magic to send down to Victoria x x

drini* said...

darlin, i have rekindled with my knitting. i thought i'd get a head start on winter. i would love to check out the ticket for the raffle! xx