Tuesday, February 24, 2009

wrapped in a hankie

Once upon a time I ordered a copy of Sonja Ahler's Fatal Distraction, and to my delight it arrived today. Very exciting when you forget you have ordered something and it arrives as a surprise in the mail.

Last year I bought her previous book, Temper Temper for a friend but it never made it out of my hands because I thought it was too brilliant. Pages that were crass and witty but accompanied by cute drawings, such personality.

Fatal Distraction came packaged so prettily.
I look forward to sitting down with a cup of tea tomorrow afternoon reading it.

P.S She has some amazing bunnies in her etsy store at the moment.


Ritva said...

i reallyreally liked her works!

edward and lilly said...

Wow, you're right her bunnies are really amazing. I love that it came wrapped in a hankie, so sweet!

EURO-PIAN said...

Nice to meet your blog!!
It's CUTE!!!

I'll come again to here...

ashley said...

that is too precious!