Friday, June 5, 2009

another school chair

I haven't been able to op-shop for ages, but the past couple of weeks I have been able to sneak it in and pick up some goodies. (Even though in theory I am sending things to the op-shop to reduce the amount of stuff we have).

I couldn't resist this old school chair, some knitting needles in sizes and colours I don't already have, and a bag of white yarn that I have been dreaming about for a small project.


Michelle said...

you can never have enough old school chairs I say. Very lovely finds!

thetwowindmills said...

Lovely chair, and great finds!

isabelle said...

thanks for your visit of yesterday .. I am happy to discover your place ... see you soon

lili scratchy said...

thank you for your visit,and your friendly commentary!
have a good weekend,

ashley said...

lucky finds,
i found a bag of white yarn a while back that made me giddy too!
i love that chair,
x ashley

Tinniegirl said...

The chair is gorgeous. I wouldn't have left it behind either.

Juddie said...

oooh - that chair is wonderful!

misako mimoko said...

i love this chair!