Saturday, May 15, 2010

and the photo don't look a thing like you

I am not really a hip-hop girl, (and i use that term in a very broad sense), but I have kudos for a select few musical masterminds that fall into the genre. It has surprised me, that the only 2 hip-hop gigs I have witnessed are among the best live sets I have ever seen. Something about the energy, bravery, audience interaction and the dirty truth.

Last night, 1 of those occasions was Urthboy's set with Jane Tyrrell and DJ Elgusto.

(If anyone wants to know, the first occasion was Spankrock with Amanda blank. Think playing on the back of a trailer in the rain).

Happy hip-hop weekend to you.

1 comment:

ashley said...

i am a hip hop girl!
i love the vibe that flows at live shows and the way the mcs groove:)
hope you are doing great- am feeling very inspired by your recent present making!
x ashley