Sunday, May 16, 2010

found and kept

The finders keepers markets last weekend were a joy. My slight budget allowed for a few treasures to come home with me.
Other holders of note were:
  • blannk (clothing). her styling and branding were also superb
  • lox + savvy (paper goods you needed sunglasses to look at)
  • white square (although i felt a few too many people had discovered the laser-cut machine, her designs were cute)
  • made by white's mum (knitted awesomeness)

1 comment:

flossy-p said...

I remember a girl with straight honey blonde hair who looked as though she wanted to say hello, but then got shy and didn't... was that you?

I wish you'd given me a knowing wink or something I would have given you some freebies :)

Anyway, thanks bunches.

Yes, I too agree the laser cut brooches were everywhere. I also agree that Made By White's Mum's knitted vests were awesome! I went back to look at them ((with my wallet) at the end, but I think they'd all gone.

Glad you had a good time.