Friday, March 14, 2008

country blokes

A morning coffee evolved into a great day with hip little a. We got excited about the direction our country-town is heading, (yes finally city-like coffee), but were also grateful for the lovely country-bloke service and help we received on our chair restoration mission. We invented a gluten + dairy free bakehouse that also served as a cute crafty store, picked out the venue for our imaginary business, trawled the gallery, admired the aesthetics of the toilet block, considered buying some male mannequins, ripped the padded seats off her chairs and had a great time at the recycled building-supplies place finding timber to replace them. After the generous man at the hardware store cut them to size on his ban-saw, for free, we attached them, and baked soggy cookies. Pics: admiring the toilet block, hypothetical business venue, and the elk mousie brooch a gave me.

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