Sunday, March 30, 2008

this is the contents of my handbag

1. mobile telephone
2. old crusty ventolin inhaler
3. sunglasses and case ( i am a sook and can't handle the sun without them, very important!)
4. copy of my RSA certificate as I was working at a cellar door today
5. knitting, you never know when the opportunity to knit will arise
6. a bunch of grocery lists, thankfully this made me clean them out
7. locally grown bitty apples to snack on today (although I ate cake instead)
8. keys
9. pigeon wallet, from Bondi markets 3 years ago
10. Murakami book, nothing worse than not having a book when stuck somewhere waiting
11. Miffy pen
12. Manjugang pencil, with hilarious quote "You are spring time because you fondle me".
13. Red moleskin diary
14. underwear mirror, but i don't like looking at myself in it
15. coin purse made by me
16. Twin Stars mini purse, great to keep your tampons in
17. two Aveda tinted lip glosses and one 99pence tin of vaseline (bargain)

Second photo is the bag itself, (emptied). A christmas present from my oldest amazing friend miss m.
So what do these contents say about me... I like chinatown and compartmentalising but have issues with throwing things out?

Thanks Sharon for a fun this is topic, and as always thank you to three buttons for co-ordinating it all.


Kirsty said...

I love AVEDA & I like that you'll always be prepared for a moment to knit.

.girl ferment. said...

i love AVEDA too, but the laughable thing is that my man is repulsed by the smell of those lip-glosses and refuses to kiss me when wearing.
how rude!

Sharon said...

I love the wallet, and that you carry around your knitting! I've just started to crochet and was considering taking it 'out' with me, I shall hesitate no longer!

Krissy said...

I love the knitting too. The apples are a great addition, I think I will add those to my bag!

Sarah said...

ooohh love your miffy pen!