Thursday, March 27, 2008

faceless girls and beautiful owls

I am still wanting to play with the faceless girls. Looking forward to the weekend to experiment. Above is a pin I made this evening, probably would be best on a bag.

When returning from town tonight I saw the most beautiful silver and white owl on our road. I wonder what species it was? (We also had some hares and frogs bounding around the yard, but these regulars didn't seem quite as magnificent as the owl).


suzy. said...

i really like the faceless's kind of like blogging. you have no idea who is out there and what they look like. love it.

Moiface said...

Very cool!

It's strange... I just read another blog post on an owl sighting here:

They might be mobilizing for a take-over haha.

Jessica said...

Oh, I love this. And I like that comparison suzy. made. It's true!

Sheryl Wong said...

i like this, very whimsical!