Thursday, August 14, 2008

paper keyboard paper

Eb picked up a lost shopping list at the supermarket. It is great how you can judge someones age by their handwriting. Do you think that one day everyone will only have type, not handwriting?

I hope you all use recycled toilet paper.

I would be very interested to watch Elisabeth's animation.


Kirsty said...

She's surely in her twilight years.

Everyone will shop online & yes to recycled.

ashley said...

that's so beautiful- my nana always told me how important 'penmanship' is and even though i sit typing away most of the time i think she's right...
i love the prices written on the list too...when things were simplere hey!
great post...oh and yes! to recycled;)

Ritva said...

those shopping lists are interesting - have you ever prepared a meal according to a list you have found?
yes to handwriting
yes to recycled

Moiface said...

I think the person who wrote that list was about 60-65....

What do you think?


potty mouth mama said...

I agree with Moiface.. It's so true, handwriting does say a lot about people. I read recently about kids not being familiar with writing with pencils, as they just type at school now.. Pretty weird, huh?