Sunday, May 17, 2009

will you check out the loot

I was lucky to win the three buttons giveaway. Angela posted the loot as a surprise wrapped up in her beautifully made
furoshiki. (Yes, I will be re-using to wrap other gifts). She is so very generous and I adored the collection of goodies.
  • Peta Pledger bird brooch
  • Apple buttons, with fantastic detail in the leaves
  • All in a day's worth zine by Dawn Tan
  • Cute Japanese fabric and more buttons
  • Itty bitty bubba jam - too too cute, especially when I put it with the big versions I already eat
  • Lollies
  • And a collection of joyful bits and bobs to inspire and make me smile
Thank you again.


Dawn Tan said...

Lucky girl! Oh and I am so happy you got a copy of my zine as well. I hope it made you smile :D
PS: Thanks also, for the sweet words you left on my blog.

angela said...

Yay! for giveaways : )

I'm happy you love your gifts!!!

Angela xoxx

Ritva said...

lucky you!
buttons and more buttons!

CurlyPops said...

What a cool giveaway! Such fab loot.

Christina Lowry said... are so l.u.c.k.y...


PS. I have that brooch in red and I love it!

Lyn said...

ohmigoodness! such a lovely loot! yes, im jealous too. ;)