Wednesday, June 25, 2008

in the box

Yesterday the post-box was brimming with goodies:
Special flossy-P postcards (packaged so cutely too)
Adorable Gemma Flack comic
Lina Scheynius' book, (beautifully grungy)
Temper Temper by Sonja Ahlers ( I only discovered her recently through a lovely daydreamer, and bought this book as a present for someone special).

So stoked with them all.

Eb bought me a light tent that I am still learning to use properly, I better start making more things to photograph. Noticed that I have not been making anything lately?
Told you I was lazy.


Kirtida Sundari said...

I love opening the post-box. It is such a special feeling. Except when your love letters are signed by the bank and centrelink.

Hila said...

Isn't the Lina Scheynius book great? I love its simplicity.

Moiface said...

I love that "Cat in the Cradle" image with the girl!

Lucky you!

Krissy said...

hooray for snail mail! Looks like a fun trip to the post box!

danica said...

I love finding stuff in the mail box too! Nice selection :) I like how you have a naughty nipple peeking out from the Lina book.

flossy-p said...

That looks like a grand post-box day indeed!

(so glad you like the postcards) :)

Esti said...

The temper temper cover looks great! I have to check that one out... ;)

ashley said...

oh am so jealous- looks like a dreamy trip to the mailbox- lucky you;)

daydream lily said...

aw they all look so nice. I love packages in the mail :-)