Tuesday, June 17, 2008

baby wants to be a banana

I was pigging out on some lolly bananas this afternoon before yoga, (yes I know, asking to vomit), and I found a jelly-baby in the bag. Identity crisis?

The supermarket seemed colourful tonight. That baby pinata was too cute!

(Large or medium sized pictures? Does anyone have an opinion on which look better in posts?)


gelinlik said...

birazdan eve git├žem

Krissy said...

the bottom photo!!! Look at those colors. wow.

i love the look of large photos, but some photo heavy posts then take forever to load!! Yours didn't. It was just perfect :)

Esti said...

i'm loving the colours of all these pictures!

Sarah said...

Thank you for finding my blog and leaving a comment :)
I'm not really a lolly person but I do love those bananas. But I hate banana fruit bursts. Strange.

daydream lily said...

mm i love bananas, hehe that poor little jelly baby must be feeling lost.

my preference is large images.

danica said...

This is such a delightful post - I love all the colour!

As for the size of pictures. I think yours look really good as they are :)

Kirsty said...

I love bananas almost as much as mint leaves.

I'm also voting for the bigger pics.