Tuesday, June 24, 2008

a freezer full of yum-cha

Ask me what I miss about living in a city? Yum-cha.
Thankfully our weekend pals stocked our freezer full of Chinese delicacies so I can grab my steamer baskets and push them around on a trolley. Yum-O, anyone for chickens' feet?. ( I once did a proper homemade yum-cha myself, but it is too involved for a Sunday morning).
We were also spoilt other with things like plush lollipops, black sesame jelly, and Korean stationary.
Lucky ducks.
(The Vietnamese coffee will have to wait until July).

I like when artists find a blank canvas in odd places found via here.


JustJess said...

Gotta love a good yum cha. YUM.

flossy-p said...

agh agh agh, yuuuummm CHhhhhhhaaaaaaa. I miss that toooooo! I've really really been missing city food lately too. You're so lucky to have been restocked.

How long have you been away from the city? (It's been 9 months for us now)