Saturday, June 28, 2008

today is saturday, last night was friday

Happy weekend.

I have a day by myself full of washing and cleaning and unpacking. (Strangely I like the idea). Guests arrive this evening, hooray.

I am going to try and sneak in some amigurumi. I began attempting an elephant pattern last night. It makes me laugh that I think because I can make a crochet chain that I could make a crochet stuffed animal. We will see.

If you are up for some weekend blog browsing my 'always looking' list has been growing.


Esti said...

Thanks for having me in that always looking list!

Have a nice weekend you too!

faz said...

that lamp is so cool

Kirsty said...

The lamp is beautiful. Hope your weekend was good to you. A day to yourself is always good!

Hila said...

great photos!

twitchy fingers said...

Man, you just got a song in my head from foxtel kid's channel... "If yesterday was friday and tomorrow will be Sunday - that mean's its Saturday! All day today....' that's gonna take weeks to get rid of.