Friday, May 30, 2008

school chair, goodbye school yard.

I love old school chairs. This one I picked up randomly wandering home when I was at uni. Back then I started to"collage" on it, and it got stuck in some tacky limbo for years. Finally I have began stripping it back, to be stained and waxed. This is it in a halfway state, it is taking a long time to sand back.

Monday I start my new job, (wish me luck), and therefore it was my last day working at primary school today. It was an extremely insightful and rewarding experience. Human behaviour is a curious thing and I had never realised children were such individuals. I will miss being in such a refreshing environment, and a space that has so many honest and imaginative thoughts floating around. (I hate goodbyes).

One of the boys asked me yesterday if I was going to be a normal teacher when I grow up? Just because half of the students are taller than me doesn't mean I haven't
grown up yet does it?

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Esti said...

ha, ha... kids say the cutest things (i mean it in a good way)

Good luck with your new job :)