Friday, May 16, 2008

someone took all the leaves away

Today has been strangely emotional.

I had a job interview this morning that left me feeling somewhat lost. The people were lovely, but it all scares me. It also made me feel guilty for trying to leave my current one…

Today M left to return to Austria. He is a sweetheart and we will miss him. P held a great going away do for him last night. Tears were shed whilst we were washing up together for the last time this morning. Sad to see his room empty now.

Walking home the park, (above), was as sombre as me. I stopped off at the craft guild shop with $3 for therapy. I bought myself some homemade rocky-road.

Thankfully then came the haircut. It is interesting the importance a relationship with your hairdresser has, beyond the superficial. Yes my haircut is hot, (my hairdresser is a genius with the scissors), but I always walk away as I did today feeling lighter. Nice end to the afternoon.

Glad it is the weekend. Hope everyone has a lovely one.


Krissy said...

aw. sorry the day went that way, but it sounds you cheered yourself right up with that rocky road and haircut! I need a new haircut SO bad. I've been trying to grow it out and it's just not working :)

I think I might make some rocky road ice cream tonight - thanks for the suggestion! Have a splendid weekend.

Moiface said...

I know that vibe you speak of... kinda sad but in a way that's almost comforting. Haircuts work wonders for the blahs.

Esti said...

Hope you have a nice weekend too and things look brighter your way soon :)

Kirsty said...

A hot haircut improves any situation.

Serena said...

Great photo.. it's always good to live near a good park..