Saturday, May 31, 2008

vice free month

Starting tomorrow we are attempting a vice-free month. Chocolate, coffee and wine feature way too much in my everyday life and are all banned during June. Thankfully tea and crack are allowed... just kidding about the crack. Hoping to fell less gluggy, but it will be difficult.

Soaking a bunch of borlotti beans to make homemade baked beans tomorrow. Haven't made them before, any tips?


Esti said...

Your vices aren't my vices, so I'd go through a vice-free month like yours nicely. However, If I has to give up candy or licorice... that'd be another matter completely. You are really bold to come with such a big challenge... I wish you luck!

Kirsty said...

There's no way I'd give up coffee for a month. I've got a headache already & it's only 8:30am!

Sorry I can't help you with the beans.

Kitty said...

good luck with the challenge. the best way to make baked beans is over a low heat for a longer time. more concentrated flavours

Maureen said...

Gluggy is a good word for that overindulgence. DH calls it loggy.

June is alsoa start off date for me - for less food, more movement, exercise.

btw, I ditched most caffeine when I switched to Typhoo decaf tea.

Krissy said...

I don't think I could survive :) Same vices with the addition of beer play a large part in our daily lives... (except crack, heheh)
How'd the beans come out?

Lisa said...

Hope the vice free month is going well. I cut my coffee consumption to only when I am out and I feel much better for it.