Monday, May 19, 2008

this is how i recycle

Wormies make good use of our kitchen scraps. In our family recycling was always a part of life and now I continue to recycle as much as I can. Did you know how much household waste can be recycled in the recycling bin? Almost everything. I also keep packaging, paper etc to re-use, and dig the op-shop to both buy 2nd hand or donate. I try to make use of recycling depositories for things like mobile phones or placcy bags. I am sure I can do more, and look forward to browsing the 'this is' list for other's ideas. Thanks to three buttons' mum for the theme this week.


Serena said...

I have a worm farm too, but unfortunately think all of mine died during the heatwave in Melbourne over summer. My sister said she'd give me some of hers.

PS Scallywag & Bumper say HELLO

Lisa said...

There must be some very happy worms creeping about in that soil.

I love hearing about recycling just being a regular part of daily life.

katiecrackernuts said...

I just moved my compost and am very happy with myself. Have been thinking worm farms. Might need some advice.