Saturday, July 5, 2008

bad jumper bad

We attended our friend's 'bad sweater' party last night. We didn't make it to the op-shops in time (both because they close too early and we are highly unorganised). We had to scour the shops for some new-school bad jumpers and above is what we came up with, except the birdie hoodie in which I found for a bargain, and am wearing seriously. I actually liked many of the 2nd-hand jumpers people were floating around in, one so much so that I got to take it home.

Even more exciting is that I was privy to an interesting conversation about a future collaboration between eb's work and some awe-ish artists....


Krissy said...

haha. too funny. we have a "bad sweater" holiday party at the end of the year. some people really bring out the hideous stuff!

that's exciting for eb!

alexandra said...

Bad sweater party - that's awesome. The bird hoodie is cool, I like it too.