Thursday, July 24, 2008

on the computer screen

The girl with a most beautiful name from Intimate Vignettes awarded my blog the brilliant weblog award. Thank you! The rules are:
When you receive this reward, showcase it on your blog and link to the person who awarded you with it. Hereafter, give the award to 7 other blogs and comment on their blog to let them know.

To pick only 7 is tricky, I have tried to avoid the usual suspects. However I must say that I find it so stimulating and calming at the same time to visit so many wonderful blogs, you all probably know if I visit you, so thanks for making my weekdays a better place.

7 of the many brilliant bloggies, in no particular order:
  • kiddet - Swedish art student. i adore her work and she is just refreshing.
  • aaA - multi-faceted artist from Japan, living in Paris. She illustrates and is honest.
  • paper schmaper - this lady loves paper, she is a designer and extremely magnetic. You will get hooked.
  • my funny eye - she says she likes taking pictures. a lot. (and she is very good at it).
  • kootoyoo - this lady epitomises the australian crafters in a very down to earth way.
  • 1911 - immensely talented artist in Italy, the good machinery. the blog has a grittiness that comforts me.
  • debi van zyl - knitted softie maker, need i say more? she has a great aesthetic sensibility.
Check them out.


danica said...

Congrats! I love the drawing too :)

Krissy said...

Thanks lady!! I love your blog too:)

Kirtida Sundari said...

Auwww thanks for the compliment on my name. I havent been called Kirtida since I was 8 but am appreciating the name now. You can call me Sundari though.
Can't wait to sit down with a good cuppa joe and go through your list. My internet has been shaped though!

Hila said...

congrats, you deserve it!

Kirsty said...'ve made me blush. Thanks for your lovely words.