Sunday, July 27, 2008

this is what i sometimes forget

To appreciate that there is open space and air outside of my own head.

A choose your own 'this is', thanks three buttons.


Krissy said...

look at those amazing clouds! it just screams fresh air :) I seemed to need a little reminder too- thanks!

flossy-p said...

That's a great thing to be reminded of. arhhhhhhhhhh.

Looks like you have plenty of it there too :)

Hila said...

funny, one of the first things that my mum commented on when we first moved to Australia, was the amount of visible blue sky!

Lisa said...

Lots of open space outside our heads. I got a little sidetracked in mine this week.

Great photo. Looks like a nice trip to the country.

one little acorn said...

Thanks for the reminder.
Nice pic - I found myself taking a deep breath - not that it made any difference as I am stuck inside - but I do know what you mean!

Maureen said...

Good reminder...and good reminder that I CAN breathe!