Friday, July 25, 2008

mind your spacing, don't forget the suckers

Eb thought he was working cellar door this weekend and I was tagging along. When we arrived someone else was already doing it. Nicely it has left our weekend unexpectedly free. We went to lunch and wandered. Tonight we have a date with Cadel Evans, homemade prawn-wonton soup and some profiteroles, (after all it is the Tour De France).

The clouds at the vineyard were being their spectacular looming selves this morning. They were truly beautiful against the brown, dormant vines.
I think it is cute the vineyard crew write their names on the end posts so everyone knows where they are.


Moiface said...

Cool clouds indeed!

Bec said...

Wow - this post has left waves of nostalgia washing over me. I grew up on a vineyard (which is nowhere near as romantic as it sounds) and can remember only too clearly the feeling of being whipped in the face by a sucker when it was 'pruning/pulling out' time. Ouch! I also remember being 17 and picking grapes while extremely hungover, in 40+ degree (c) heat and trying not to throw up at smoko time (because obviously I didn't want anyone to know I was actually hungover)....ahhhhhh happy days